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The Cheng Man-ching Form - DVD

Jan Kauskas, Autumn River, Tai Chi, taichi, Glasgow, Scotland, UK, Cheng Man-ching

Autumn River Tai Chi
The Cheng Man-ching Form
Demonstrated by Jan Kauskas

The programme contains front and back views of the Cheng Man-ching Form with audio instructions.  It also contains front and back views of the sword form as taught by Cheng Man-ching.

Professor Cheng Man-ching lived and taught in New York City for the last 10 years of his life. He Regarded the health benefits as being the most important reason for studying Tai Chi, followed by relaxation, self defence and as a Tao, or way of life. He simplified the Yang style Form, to create a shorter Form, which could be more easily learned and practiced, while maintaining the original essence. The resulting Form is now the best known and most practiced Tai Chi Form in the UK and US, and the one shown on this video.

The Form is demonstrated by Jan Kauskas who began studying the Tai Chi of Cheng Man-ching in 1987, initially in the UK, then the US and more recently in Taiwan. He teaches Tai Chi full-time in Glasgow, Scotland and also at workshops in Europe.

Running time: 25 minutes approx.
Produced by: Immediate Arts, Glasgow, Scotland.
Tel: 0141 589 1384                  E-mail: Autumn River Tai Chi

DVD  price  25
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DVD available from:

Immediate Arts
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Glasgow G20 6SY

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Laoshi: Tai Chi, Teachers, and Pursuit of Principle by Jan Kauskas

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