The Snark Was A Boojum: Structuralism and Semiology Applied to Stream of Consciousness Writing

James Morrison,  The Snark Was A BoojumAuthor: James Morrison James Morrison, Jim Morrison
Format: Paperback

ISBN: 978-0-9553123-2-8

Publisher: Immediate Arts
Publication Date: September 2007
Pages: 64
Imprint: Immediate Arts

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"Advances Structuralist thought." Professor Colin McCabe. British academic, writer and film producer. Currently distinguished professor of English and film at the University of Pittsburgh.

Students in linguistics and literary interpretation will find James Morrison's The Snark Was A Boojum an excellent introductory text on the Structuralist Semiological approach to literary analysis. Accessibly written, it outlines the theoretical foundations and operational principles of Structuralism and Semiology whilst demonstrating the astonishing productive power of these two tools when used in combination.

Authors Referenced
James Joyce, William Faulkner, Lewis Carroll, Malcolm Cowley, Jonathan Culler, Pierre Guiraud, Terence Hawkes, David Lodge, John Lyons, Colin McCabe, Matejka, Titunik, Michael Millgate, Jan Mukarovsky, William Van O’Connor, Ferdinand de Saussure, Ann Shukman, Erwin R Steinberg,. Robert Penn Warren.

Key Words
Language, Structuralist Poetics, Absalom, Absalom!, As I Lay Dying, The Sound and the Fury, Semiology, Structuralism and Semiotics, Linguistics, Literary Criticism, Stream of Consciousness, Literature, Poetry, General Linguistics, Structure, Sign, Function, Literature and Semiotics, Modern Novel, Semiotics of Art.

Table of Contents

  • 1. Introduction         
  • 2. Semiology and Structuralism
  • 3. Langue and Parole
  • 4. The Stream of Consciousness Novel
  • 5. Equivalence and the Hermeneutic Code
  • 6. The Sound and the Fury
  • 7. Absalom, Absalom!
  • 8. As I Lay Dying
  • 9. The Significance of Death, the Mother, and the Solipsistic Dream
  • 10. The Significance of Names in The Sound and the Fury
  • 11. Sutpen's Presumption of Innocence in Absalom, Absalom!
  • 12. Conclusion

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